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NAV-TRACKER GPS Tracking System

The NAV-TRACKER is a completely self contained send and receive satellite terminal. It sets a 500 meter geofence (perimeter) around the vessel and will go into alarm whenever the vessel leaves that geofence area without being disarmed.

The NAV-TRACKER will also monitor one sensor. Optimal Sensors include high water, SOS/panic button, door contact or any other normally open sensor.

Boatwatch, Pompano Beach, Florida , USA - Weekly Boat Inspections When the NAV-TRACKER goes into alarm, it sends a text message or email to up to four people with the vessel's speed, direction, latitude, longitude and distance to closest city.

It will continue to send this message every 15 minutes until the vessel either returns to the geofence area or is disarmed. The NAV-TRACKER uses the ultra reliable Inmarsat D+ satellite network which provides seamless global coverage.

The NAV-TRACKER antenna is extremely durable, able to stand temperatures between -104 to +158. It can operate at up to 59,000 feet and can withstand 4Gs of acceleration. Its time to fix from a cold start is 45seconds and from a hot start less than 8 seconds. A hot start is defined as having been off for less than two hours.

A further service we offer is custom geofence areas when a vessel is not supposed to leave a predetermined area. This area can be comprised at any 4 points on the ocean. This feature is particularly useful for charter boat operators who do not want their vessels leaving certain areas, and want to be alerted when they do.

Key features:

* Daily transmissions of location and status
  • Passive geofence arm and disarm
  • Real time GPS tracking through INMARSAT D+ satellite service
  • When in geofence alarm, unit transmits location, speed and heading every 15 minutes
  • Stand alone system or wirelessly integrate with all Marine Magellan packages
  • 12 V DC power with optional battery back up available
The International Association of Marine Investigators estimates that 27,000 boats are stolen annually, with odds of recovery only about 1 in 10.
The unit is easily owner-installed or we can install the unit for you. Call for special website pricing. Many insurance companies are going to make these units mandatory when policies renew and Charter Lakes Marine Insurance Agency prefers this Magellan unit.

Click here for a Power & Motor Yacht TV video about the system.

For more information about Nav-Tracker 2.0 call 954 942-4803.

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